Enter the ODELA world and thrive in a dynamic ecosystem of our Three Someone. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing start up, discover flexible tools and financial solutions to evolve from prospect to purchase.

The journey to a whole new world of business opportunity starts here.

Three’s a Company

Business Simplified

We help our members to curate every step, buy more from our merchants and centralise every part of their business on one platform. Whatever your business needs, there’s a financier we can introduce you to.

Procurement Simplified

Enables merchant to manage everything in one place, with limitless opportunities and channels for growth. One platform for all your commerce operations and everything your business needs.

Financing Simplified

Our financiers can make the impossible, possible! Whatever your business goal is, some financial support can go a long way. Get the best advice from our qualified financiers and you can do more with extra capital.


When you register your business on ODELA, you are in the equation of our Three Someone – Member, Merchant & Financier.


What’s our Three Someone without our Four Something?

A Financial Advisory, Digital Procurement, Digital Applications and Training services specialise in providing solutions to bring your business vision to life.

Four’s a Party

Financing Advisory. eMarketplace. eServices. ODELA Academy

Imagine growth without limit – Given a proper Financing Advisory for financing and/or grant, you are able to expand progressively on the platform and do commerce your way. We offer Digital Procurement services to enable verified merchants to leverage on our digital hub, and transform your business through our Digital Applications. Your business journey on ODELA helps you define a clear roadmap for your goals – then connects you with the right support and training to take you there; and Graduate.



Our Single Point of Truth (SPOT) provides a digital ID for businesses transacting on ODELA. SPOT provides statement of capability and capacity of the business for future financial growth. Dekat ODELA, just OR-DER-LA!