About ODELA (History)

ODELAYour Digital Business Partner

ODELA is a self-regulated B2B platform, designed to catalyse the digital transformation of businesses in Malaysia.

ODELA is a one stop business centre that simplifies your business strategy and enhances your business visibility. The platform brings immense opportunities for members and merchants to connect and trade.

ODELA centralises your business integrations, automates crucial tasks and optimises performance, allowing you to operate more strategically, expand into new market with ease and beat the competition. The prominent feature of this digital transformation is the creation of digital footprint that connects and empowers businesses under one integrated platform.

About JNJ Management Consultants

JNJ Management Consultants

Operating as a Management & Operations Consultant, JNJ Management Consultants, the subsidiary operator of JNJ Group is a leading provider and architect of projects, designer for empowering program management, consulting and professional development services.

With understanding comes insight, which leads to producing measurable results that helps businesses to achieve new heights. Equipped with extensive network of resources and skillset, JNJ are adept at analysing client’s needs, developing targeted strategies and deploying solutions to bridge the gap between business and technology



The Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research (CEDAR) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SME Bank. CEDAR aspires to be the centre of excellence for entrepreneur development and transformation.

Its mission is to continuously develop the capability of entrepreneurs to sustain their growth on ODELA in support of the national economic agenda.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide an integrated B2B platform, create a profitable business for all registered members and support businesses who wants to transform in the digital age and create an impact in their communities and industries.


Our vision is to revolutionise the way people do eCommerce and provide a dynamic ecosystem for businesses to grow

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