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One account to keep all your business data, records, manage and monitor your growth from the comfort of your dashboard.

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Enhance your visibility and fast track your financing growth with SPOT. Get verified by our financing partners, and track your journey on your personalised dashboard.

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Empower your sales process and business operation to sell faster and sell more with secured transactions and guaranteed payment.

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Grow your financing capital, simplify cash flow, and ensures transparency of transactions to keep track of your goods in real time.

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With SPOT, you can access your financing score, services, business performance and training. We’ll ensure you graduate with flying colors

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We curate a path for every scoring and see what works best for your business. With just a few clicks, the SPOT rating system enables recommendation from our commercial partners to accelerate your financial growth

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The SPOT score is not just a 3-digit number that represents your wealth, it also evaluates your business based on your finance history and track record. With your SPOT ID, you are able to analyse your market pattern, products, and promotions to find new growth opportunities. Get the insights you need to make the right move on our business intelligence platform.

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