Single Point Of Truth

A business digital ID for every business

See your performance, log your data and track your business growth from the comfort of your dashboard. With SPOT, you are able to get the full picture of your business, procure products, services and discover new opportunities. Get the insight you need to make the right move on our business intelligence platform.

Spot Features

Scale Your Business to The Next Level

Attract and retain sales with SPOT scalable, responsive and feature-rich ID, no matter your business size.

Drive Business Across Channels

In an era of change and race against time, SPOT helps to migrate sales operations online and at scale, optimise sourcing, create real time inventory and automate procurement flows.

Manage Business Better

SPOT is the one thing you need to streamline processes and manage your business efficiently. From platform integration to product matching, omnichannel and more.

Build Brand Affinity

Keep customers loyal to your brand and keep them coming back with tools to drive personalisation, sales, loyalty and more.

Your Business Insight at Your Fingertips

Compete in the modern commerce landscape by transforming into and operating as an effective, data driven digital business with SPOT.

Stay in Control of Your Business

Take advantage of our exceptional support and platform’s flexibility and scalability to customise your online business functionality to your specifications.

Spot Features

Streamlined business authentication and operations

Secured digital payments

KYC for your financial services

Secured transactions and guaranteed payment

Facilitated product matching

Direct financial and loan disbursement from banks

Facilitated sales and purchases

Streamlined eMarketplace services